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I'm  Lisa Kropacek. 

A Sustainability Advocate and a Positive  Change Ambassador.


  • C&I Analyst for Sustainability at McKinsey & Company

  • MSc in Global & Sustainable Business at EDHEC Business School​

  • IATA CAS in Sustainable Aviation Fuels and Responsible Leadership

  • Strategic Foresight Project on the Future of Aviation in 2050

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals Change Ambassador

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About me

As a sustainability advocate and climate optimist, I am determined to scale up research-based, yet practice-oriented, solutions to create an environmentally safe and socially just space for humanity. I thereby envision a world in which nations around the globe ensure environmental sustainability, achieve social inclusion and enjoy economic prosperity.

Despite having lived in a small village in the beautiful countryside of Austria for most of my life, my view of the world drastically changed when I moved to the United Kingdom to commence my undergraduate studies in a culturally diverse and multi-disciplinary context. Since then, I have spent most of my time working, living and travelling abroad and thereby, built meaningful connections to people and cultures across the world.


The intercultural sensitivity, integrity and fairness I developed through this, is accompanying me in my personal and professional life. As such, I consider myself a global citizen: I understand, and am aware of, the wider world and my place within it. I thus strive to take an active role in working towards a prosperous future for people and the planet by concentrating on practicable solutions, taking positive actions and sharing my enthusiasm.

In my future career, I look to develop in the following areas:

 Sustainable Development  Green Tech 
 Social Impact  Corporate Governance

 Environmental Reporting  Innovation

 Sustainability  Conscious Leadership  

 Company Purpose  Corporate Citizenship

 Stakeholder Engagement   CSR 

 Green Product Management

I strive to embark on a global,  purpose-driven career.

Driven by a desire to be a force of positive change in the world, I am continuously looking for ways to improve myself and the world around me. This, combined with my personal proficiency to inspire, drive and lead change, has enabled me to excel in various projects by drawing upon intersectional perspectives and peer-learning approaches.

I now aspire to become a next-generation leader who acts upon the ecological transition that is needed to conduct international business within the boundaries of our planet and to the benefit of our society. In particular, I strive to embark on a purpose-driven career with an international dimension, in which I can guide businesses and institutions towards untapped opportunities and social change.

Eager to wholeheartedly dedicate myself to the tasks at hand, I am intrigued by any engagements and positions that will place me at the heart of an agile, highly energetic team that is committed to take action on international and/or sustainable development

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